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The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples (CSSP) is a membership organization that has served the Greater Toronto Area Latinx/Hispanic community for 48 years. Membership in CSSP is open to all persons who believe in and support the work of our agency.

A CSSP Member is any Spanish-speaking person who has requested and been granted a membership. All members are voting members. The term of membership will be one year and currently there is a CAD $5.00 membership fee.

We invite you to become a member of CSSP and join a team that is passionate and committed to improving the lives of thousands of Latinx/Hispanics in our community. Together we can:

  • OPEN DOORS for positive life changes
  • INVEST IN OUR PEOPLE and help create healthier, more prosperous, inclusive communities and families in the GTA
  • SUSTAIN OUR ORGANIZATION by strengthening community relations, developing partnerships, and creating CSSP ambassadors

We will keep you informed about how we make a difference in the lives of our fellow community members by sending you a link to our Annual Report and invitations to CSSP events if you choose to receive them. You will also have a vote at our Annual General Meetings.

Your membership will support vital community programs but most importantly, you'll derive satisfaction from knowing that you're doing something towards helping thousands of people find effective solutions at a turning point in their lives.

There are three ways you can join CSSP today:

  1. Online Form
  2. In-person by visiting our office at 2141 Jane St. 2nd Floor
  3. Phone Eliana Fonseca at 416.533.8545 ext. 146 and she will coordinate your membership over the phone

Thank you for your interest and support!

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