About Us


To enhance the quality of life for our community, and deliver purposeful services to advance the social and economic integration of our community into broader Canadian society.


To grow a united, engaged, and prosperous community.


  • Unity
  • Accessibility
  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Justice

Our Impact


Families received Food Bank support

Legal cases were attended at our Legal Clinic with issues related to Employment and Immigration

One-on-one settlement counselling clients were assisted

Our Story

  • Dec 1972

    A group of Spanish women organized the celebration of Christmas in 1972 with women and Spanish-speaking children. That demonstrated the need for an organization to serve the growing Hispanic community in Toronto.

  • 1973

    The Centre was founded under the leadership of director Gloria Montero, sociologist Ana Alberro, and immigration counselor Rempel Kathi.

  • 1974

    The Center received funding from Immigrant Settlement and Adaption Program (ISAP) of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC). At that time, the Centre was located on Dupont Street near Davenport, which included a counseling program. New immigrants from Ecuador and Colombia increased the need for services.

  • Mid-1970s

    The arrival of refugees from Chile, Uruguay and Argentina grew the community even more, and the Centre became the home of additional community development initiatives. The Centre also established a volunteer, legal consultation program with law students from the University of Toronto, not just for the purpose of establishing legal advice for Spanish-speaking workers, but also to establish a relationship between future lawyers of the province and the Hispanic community. This initiative has proved highly beneficial during the history of the Center.

  • 1979

    The Centre started English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and in 1981, founded the Women’s Program.

  • Today

    The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples has added youth, volunteer and AIDS prevention programs. It is happy to serve tens of thousands of Spanish speaking peoples in Toronto and throughout Canada each and every year.

Our Board